Translation | Jaromír Czmero

I do translation into German and from German, both professional and general texts, such as general texts, such as: advertising and promotional materials, web pages, presentations, e-mails, reports, CVs, manuals, contracts, technical documentation, journalistic texts, books…

I work with professional software for translation, SDL Transaltion Studio, which, among other things, ensures a uniform translation of terminology and maintains the original document formatting, see sample.


Translation from German Translation into German
0,035 € per word 0,04 € per word

including an inspection by a native speaker:

0,045 € per word

Prices include preserving the formatting of the source document. Surcharge 0,005 per word only for non-standard requirements (unrecognized source text or an encoded PDF file, furthermore e.g. a document containing multiple images with labels).

Prices are final, I am not a VAT payer.

For an accurate price calculation, please state the required deadline in the e-mail and attach the text.